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In New Hampshire it is easy to be a member of the Republican Party and to participate in official GOP events.

Register to vote Republican and join the Seacoast Republican Women.  


Voter registration starts the process.  One person can make a difference.

New Hampshire residents who are United States citizens and who will be 18 years of age or older on election day, are eligible to vote.  There is no minimum period of time you are required to have lived in the state before being allowed to register. You can register in the town or ward in which you are domiciled.  Your domicile is that place, more than any other, where you sleep most nights of the year, or to which you intend to return after a temporary absence.  You may register to vote in the town or city clerk's office in the town or city where you are domiciled up to 10 days before any election.  You can also register to vote on election day if you are eligible.

In New Hampshire voters are registered as either: 

  • R - Republican

  • UND - Undeclared

  • D - Democrat

Undeclared voters can vote in the party of their choice in the primary.

As a member of the Seacoast Republican Women, you will be afforded the opportunity to meet party leaders, activists and candidates.

This is a chance to participate and become familiar with civic and political topics relating to the Seacoast and New Hampshire. Additionally, you will meet new people with similar interests in New Hampshire and within the Seacoast area.

Here's your opportunity to make a difference.