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SRW Members, Associates and Friends - 

YOU are invited to join our SRW Book Club! Each month we will choose a book that reflects our values and interests, exploring topics such as American history and government, biography and current events. We will meet once a month to discuss the book of our choice. Depending on who is interested, we could meet in the AM or PM (or both, if there are enough people). We'd like to start by meeting in local libraries, rotating by town.

We will buy books, or borrow them from our libraries or each other. For those who like collecting books we can probably arrange some discounts from booksellers or publishers. Then in September, we may celebrate Literacy Month by giving some of the books to those libraries we have visited.

We want this SRW Book Club to be an opportunity to calmly and rationally discuss ideas about the history, development, economics and politics of our country with other interested Republican and Republicans-leaning friends and family. In some cases, we might bring in someone to lead the discussion! We see the club as an alternative to all the shouting and misinformation in the media today. We'd also like this to be fun, so your suggestions and ideas will be welcome once we get underway. Have an idea for a book to read? Email us here: click here 


You can join our Book Club ANY TIME! The third meeting of the SRW Book club was held on Wednesday 10-16 at 2PM at the Wiggin Memorial Library in Stratham. The book selection for this meeting was My Dear Hamilton A Novel of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton by Stephanie Dray and Laura Kamoie.


This work of historical fiction generated a very lively discussion, as three members loved it and two very definitely did not. The two who did not enjoy the book objected mostly to the author’s style, writing in the first person and including a great deal of internal dialogue. However, no one could disagree that Eliza Schuyler Hamilton led a very interesting life at a fascinating time in our country’s history.


Our discussion was helped along by the documents and photos provided by Anna Greenlaw, who recently visited the Schuyler homestead in upstate NY. Pictures of the house and furnishings added a special dimension to our debate, reminding us all that although this was a work of historical fiction, Eliza was a very real person.

IMPORTANT: The Book Club plans to meet in January 2020. Several ideas were discussed but a new book was not selected, so if you care to make suggestions, please do so by email or on our Facebook group page! 


Please send an email to diane.morgera@comcast.net indicating which day and time you prefer & your book ideas.