NH Policy & Research Committee

SRW is vitally interested in tracking public policy development and to provide support through education to interested citizens.  SRW reaches out to people seeking to make a positive difference in elected office and others interested in influencing policy directions. 

The Policy & Research Committee (P&R) was established spring 2017.  P&R's first product involved looking into the facts behind various aspects of the New Hampshire workforce, resulting in the E3 Publication (E3 stands for economics, education and employment).  The E3 Publication is a compilation of local, state and federal statistics about  New Hampshire's current workforce.  P&R presented facts about the New Hampshire workforce including age, income, number of retirees, gaps between supply and demand, and a focus on "middle" education.

P&R followed up the E3 Publication with the E3 Mental Health Initiative.  P&R presented and SRW sponsored a special program based on the mental health initiative, tying together the opiod epidemic with the capacity (or not) of local service delivery to needed programs.


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P&R currently collaborates with SRW's Program Committee in research and development of programs for membership.



In 2018 SRW's Policy & Research Committee produced its E3 Publication, a report on New Hampshire's economics, population trends, occupations, skills and workforce availability. It is a natural extension of the work done on the E3 Publication to present forums and discussions on education and mental health.

E3 Mental Health Initiative Discussion

E3 Mental Health Initiative Resource Flyer

E3 Mental Health Initiative FYI Presentation



Summarizes economic, education and employment sectors and their respective impact on the State's workforce development past, present and future.  Sources include the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Dept. of Labor, U.S. Census, NH Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau, NH Dept. of Business & Economic Affairs, NH Employment Security.


E3 Publication PDF (61 pages)

E3 Brief PDF (2 pages)

In Memoriam

Kate Pratt was a founding member of the P&R Committee.  She passed away unexpectedly in late 2019.  Kate was a dynamic contributor to the committee and SRW.

Kate was a former Commissioner of Rockingham County (7 terms) and a former Representative to the New Hampshire General Court, Rockingham County (2 terms).  In addition to her legislative experience, she brought a wealth of insights and creativity to the committee. Kate put forth some great ideas and solutions in how the committee could work more effectively.

Her presence is greatly missed by remaining committee members:   Chair Susan Parker, Jo Ward,
Jo Horvath and Karen Yesinkus  are continuing the committee's work.  

Governor's Office - March 2019